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John Bapst Memorial High School

John Bapst Memorial High School Facts

The origins of the current John Bapst Memorial High School trace back to the early 1920s, when local pastors from St. John's and St. Mary's parishes proposed a larger high school to meet an expanding need.

On September 10, 1928, John Bapst High School, named for a nineteenth-century Swiss Jesuit priest and missionary, opened as a Catholic high school for boys and girls. In 1929, the first class of 29 girls was graduated; although 40 boys were admitted to the school in 1928, none were part of the senior class.

During the next four decades, boys and girls attended separate classes in the duplex building that featured two principals and two different schedules. During its Catholic years the school achieved a strong reputation both in academics and athletics and enjoyed the vigorous support of its alumni.

Our mission is excellence. John Bapst Memorial High School is an academically challenging, independent, college-preparatory school fostering in students a respect for learning, for themselves, and for others.